Sunday school (10 to 14’s)


We are a small group of 10-14 year olds and their leaders who meet together at ten o’clock each Sunday morning (except family service) at the Rectory. We study scripture, have discussions and play games. It is a time to meet and make new friends and learn more about Jesus in an informal environment. We always welcome new faces so please feel free to come and join us and find out more.

Recent Event – Michaelmas

The 29th of September is called Michaelmas – a special calendar date in both Christian and other calendars. In Christianity it is the feast day of St. Michael and all the Angels, so on Sunday 28th September we celebrated this.
St Michael is an arch angel and a warrior. He defeated the devil in the war in Heaven and cast him down. We discussed other events involving angels in the Bible. These included the birth of Jesus and Daniel in the lion’s den.  This lead to looking at the purpose of angels. In both Greek and Hebrew, the word ‘angel’ translates as ‘messenger’.
To emphasise the fact that angels are messengers of God, we made angel business cards on pieces of A4 paper and then further turned these into paper aeroplanes and flew these outside to see who’s angel message could get the furthest.
After this is was time for out Michaelmas feast of chocolate cake and prayers of thanks for angels.
This was written by Eleanor who lead the session this week.